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Kemi Mayomi - Artist Spotlight

As a multi-talented filmmaker and crew member, it’s no surprise if you work with Kemi Mayomi on set one day and she is the Cinematographer and then the next, she is pulling focus as the 1st AC or creating lighting diagrams as a DP or Gaffer. She does it all.

5 Scalable Tips For any Successful Film Production


Photo by: Rick Lang (

Here you’ll find this list of tips which led to our success which we believe are universal across all genres and scales of indie filmmaking. It’s my hope that these tips will bring you success, too. So if you want to develop thoughtful processes throughout all aspects of your production, make awesome movies, and have fun doing it, keep reading.

Written by Grace Pisula of The Founder of Gold Point Studio

Stephanie MacDonald - Artist Spotlight

Read more about Stephanie Macdonald's passion and career in Art Direction and as a Cinematographers in our latest blog post for the Ambassador Chronicles. 

October's Artist Spotlight - Adam Wayne

Read more about Adam Wayne's experience and creative thought process. 

Breaking into the Industry - James McKinney

Read more about James McKinney and his insider tips for breaking into the industry and landing that dream gig.