The Ambassador Chronicles

October's Artist Spotlight - Adam Wayne

Read more about Adam Wayne's experience and creative thought process. 

Breaking into the Industry - James McKinney

Read more about James McKinney and his insider tips for breaking into the industry and landing that dream gig.


Inside look at the "BLACKSITE: The Musical!"



Blacksite: Noun  - A secret facility used by a country's military as a prison and interrogation center, whose existence is denied by the government. While the definition implies that a black site exists only in times of war, unbeknownst to most Chicago residents one exists right in their own backyard.

August Artist Spotlight - Sonia Jourdian

Find out more about Camera Ambassador's Artist Spotlight for August: Sonia Jordain. “I was inspired to start creating by what I felt like was a lack of womxn in cinematography, especially black womxn. I am inspired when I see other womxn, femmes, POC in roles that we are not predominantly in. That's why I create art, to help bridge the gap that exist in these roles.” says Sonia Jourdian a local Chicago Filmmaker and fellow family member of Camera Ambassador.

July's Artist Spotlight - Cole Schwartz

Find out more about Camera Ambassador's Artist Spotlight for July Spotlight: Cole Schwartz - Cole Schwartz is a multi-faceted artist with the passion and experience in both music and film. At the age of 6, Cole discovered his love for music by attending a Metallica concert with his father. That experience changed Cole’s passion and direction for the rest of his life.